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Ellen is the artist and founder of the American Mural Project.

Ellen worked as a photographer for Sports Illustrated, People, and Road and Track. She married racing driver Sam Posey in 1979 and began painting full time in 1980. She has had shows in Connecticut, New York, and Paris and received commissions from Times Mirror Magazines, General Motors, CBS Television, Miller Brewing Co., The New York Times, and New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

In 1982, Ellen designed the first label for Newman’s Own and organized the printing of 10,000 bottles of salad dressing. She is still a consultant for the company, which now has 23 products.

Ellen began the study for the mural in 1998, after returning from a trip to Boeing’s 747 fabrication plant, in an effort to express the scale of the plant and the planes.

She now lives in Sharon, CT with her husband, son John, daughter Judy, and dog Zoe.